An ongoing series by Gaius Roberts

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Black.  Darkness.  Fear of the unknown.  People fear what they do not understand.  That fear turns into HATE.  CONFUSION.  RAGE.  No one but the enlightened see the BEAUTY.  WEALTH.  Black is not ominous.  It's comforting. It's all knowing.  Omnipotent.  



YOU hate me because I'm intelligent. YOU hate me because I'm powerful. YOU hate me because I'm Black. I have to keep a hard exterior when I'm around YOU. But make no mistake. YOU haven't broken me! Because behind the anger towards YOU and the pain YOU try to inflict on me, IM still radiant, joyful, hopeful and prosperous to say the least! I feel bad for YOU...


We’ve been hardened but we are most resilient.  Reason being..?  We are natural healers!  We keep our heads in the sky and use the stars to decorate our crowns!